Maroš Krivý, “We Are All Platform Urbanists, But Not All in the Same Way,” Mediapolis 4, 3 (2018).

The recent joint campaign of Apple and Vitality Insurance in the UK reveals this in a tangible way. Customers, or rather users, can purchase the latest Apple Watch for a heavily discounted price if they “stay active”. Monthly payment levels reflect how many so-called Vitality points customers earn, and they are reduced to zero if customers make 250,000 steps or burn six million calories in a month. The Apple Watch, with its attendant infrastructures of treadmills and data, bodies and motivation, functions here as a platform normalizing the shift from collectively provided welfare to individually managed well-being, and is paid for by the users’ data.

(my response to the roundtable on “platform urbanism,” organized by Scott Rodgers and Susan Moore)