Socialist and Post-socialist Urbanizations: Architecture, Land and Property Rights
Estonian Academy of Arts
Tallinn, 8–11 May 2014

(Keynote speakers: Łukasz Stanek, Anne Haila)

From the call for papers of this international conference, organized by Maroš Krivý and Tauri Tuvikene: “The missing or poor definition of ‘socialism’ is one of the key weaknesses of the concept of post-socialism. Socialism comes into the question of post-socialism in different ways: What are the ‘socialist’ origins of ‘post-socialist’ practices? What importance did the imagined return to ‘pre-socialist’ capitalism play in building the ‘post-socialist’ capitalism? Is negation of socialism (the ‘anti-socialism’) an important aspect of post-socialism? Whereas socialism could be seen both as a political idea and as an actual historical experience, post-socialism appears to be a societal condition only that is, furthermore, primarily restricted to a region of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.”