Maroš Krivý (Ed.), “Estónsko: Severské? Neoliberálne? [Estonia: Nordic? Neoliberal?],” ERA21 18, 6 (2018).

A special issue of ERA21 on Estonian urbanism and architecture. Edited by Maroš Krivý. Published in Czech, with English summaries.

The ways in which contemporary architecture in Estonia produces, transforms, and reflects desirable styles of life reflects the character of a country where the “North” is equivalent to the imaginary “West”. Even as this architecture (re)discovered the value of urban density and urbanity, in its symbolic expression it turns towards the utopias of the non-city: the historicizing one of untouched nature, and the forward-looking one of digital networks. We can think of architecture and urbanism in Estonia as processes of negotiating the imaginary intersection of these two utopias.