Between Architecture of War and Military Urbanism
Estonian Academy of Arts
Tallinn, 26–27 April 2013
(Keynote speakers: Stephen Graham, Steven Flusty)

From the call for papers of this international conference, organized by Maroš Krivý and Panu Lehtovuori: “The concept of boundary has been central in theorizing the relation between war, politics, and civil life. Is there a clear-cut distinction between these states? Are the boundaries blurred and to what extent? These questions have been explored from Machiavelli to Schmitt and Foucault. In the urban realm, architecture of war and military urbanism represent two opposite conceptualizations of the boundary. Military spatial practice can be then seen as integrating sharp separations and smooth flows. As a form of social practice, it also leads to the question of the boundary between the military and the civil. The conference explores this question by considering urban built environments, spatial technologies, and political economy of land.”