In this series I juxtapose variety of ideological discourses on architecture with images that develop, contrast, expose or oppose them. The journalistic language where everything and everyone should be in the proper place and professionals rule and give advices is sought out in the sphere of architecture and combined with scenes where architecture is „out of joint“. Ridiculously philosophical, desperately advertising or naively aggressive, these newspaper cut-outs try to find their other side in presented photographs.

Today, the crucial issue in our urban life is the growing gap between those who build, interpret and explain and those who only listen, live and experience what is given to them. This gap is sustained and fueled by discourse, which reduces the question of spatial organization to its particular, and therefore abstract, aspects. With each image-text in the presented series, I attempt to explore different perspective of this problem of architecture, urbanism, or simply living in a house.

Formally, I have been interested in exploring the interaction between the image and text, where neither text is reduced to the caption of image, nor image is reduced to illustration of a text. The message emerges here only from between the image and text, from their contradictory communication.

- - -

80 x 40 cm, inkjet prints mounted on cardboard