The site-specific meta-exhibition I looked into the walls and saw... refrains - as much as possible - from physical intervention in the gallery. It is the space of the ISFAG itself that is curated as found in its layered condition of a palimpsest. The curatorial act consists of inviting 20 guests to identify and interpret diverse physical qualities of the space. Limestone bricks, mushrooms, pipes, insulation foam, holes, water puddles, walled-in windows and changing weather conditions are some of the main exhibits on show.

The space of the gallery is conceived as a site and a non-site at once: in an anti-monumental gesture the gallery points to itself as a painting, a sculpture, and an installation. The exhibition concept builds upon curators' experience of visiting previous shows at the ISFAG gallery, when they were unable to distinguish between exhibited art objects and walls and floors of the gallery. The concept draws also on the tradition of early minimalism and conceptualism, combined with the current sensibility for ruined industrial space. Yet if the former had been too soon compromised by its association with the white cube culture, the latter has come to present material decay detached from its context, filling everything with culture of any kind.

I look into the wall and saw... explores the dialectics of indoors and outdoors within the gallery. It scrutinizes the ways in which the experience of art as art is subjected to entropic processes such as history, oxidation, abrasion, fracture, collapse and weathering.

Participants: Andra Aaloe, Toomas Adrikorn, Marika Agu, Jana Dzadonova, Kart Hammer, Ott Kagovere, Keiti Kljavin, Tiiu Koff, Franz Krause, Patrick Laviolette, Agata Marzec, MinaJaLydia, Ragnar Nurk, Andres Ojari, Kristina Ollek, Tarmo Pikner, Ingrid Ruudi, Marek Tamm, Toomas Tammis, Tauri Tuvikene and Anna-Liisa Unt

Curators: Maros Krivy and Francisco Martinez